Monday, September 9, 2013

Iffy's Favorite Free Fonts: Title Edition

Hello there!
 Welcome to the newly minted Iffy Creates blog area of the magic interwebs. If you are thinking to yourself.. 'haven't I seen this before?' and you have recently visited Sweet Caroline Studio's blogspace, then yes. Yes, you have.

 In order to help those who may be interested get to know my process a little better, I have created this nifty little blog. Since this is my first post I thought it only appropriate to share with you my first Iffy's Favorite Free Fonts post.  This post originally appeared on July 23, 2013 and started light Pinterest circulation.

 I started collecting fonts while in Design school, before digital scrapbooking was ever introduced to me. I didn't actually have a plan for them, so they sat lonely and desperate for attention for years. Little did I know, I would be thanking my younger self for having such amazing accidental foresight.  Now they have a purpose.

 In this collection, I wanted to highlight my favorite page title fonts. Finding that ever so perfect text to compliment the page, for me, is not always easy. My usual problem is they either don't look so hot when enlarged or just need a little more oomph, some jazz hands, if you will. I picked these 20 fonts because I feel like they have just that, little top hats and canes for a proper song montage. When enlarged, they are clear and retain their quality, so you avoid that three-drink-in blurriness.

Best of all, they are all free! Some have an option to donate to the creators or purchase commercial use licenses, if you enjoy using them I highly recommend supporting the creators so that they may continue to give us cheap, high quality fonts.    

  If you are interested in downloading any of the above fonts, please click here: Iffy's Favorite Free Fonts: Title Edition and scroll to the bottom of the post.

Thank you for reading!

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